David Letterman begged Brian Williams to stop going on other late night shows–and he had particularly harsh words for Jay Leno.

Letterman told Williams that, when Tom Brokaw stepped down from the “NBC Nightly News,” Brokaw asked him to “look after” Williams, his successor. (The veracity of this discussion is, of course, up for debate.) Letterman said he assumed that Williams was his “guy” after that conversation. But now, he said, he felt betrayed.

“I see you showing up on the goddamn Leno show…I see you on the funny boy Jon Stewart show!” he said. “I am begging you, stop doing those shows. Stop doing those shows!”

Williams tried to defend himself, calling Stewart’s show “the most basic cable.”

“I don’t care!” Letterman said. “You don’t have to go over on his show!”

(Source: CBS-TV and HuffingtonPost.com)

Letterman to Brian Williams: Stop Going On Leno

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