On “The Early Show,” David Spade discussed the move of his sitcom ‘Rules of Engagement’ from Monday to Thursday. In particular, he seemed uneasy going up against the ‘American Idol’ juggernaut on the same night.

“Thursday was good until I heard about stupid ‘American Idol’ and that’s on against us. So, I was nervous,” Spade said.

Spade said he even expressed his concern to Randy Jackson, but the ‘American Idol’ judge didn’t do much to allay his fears. “I saw Randy the other night at dinner. I said, ‘Randy, we’re on up against ‘American Idol.’ You’re going to beat us.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, we’re going to beat you.’ So, we agreed to agree,” said Spade.

(Source: CBS-TV and TVSquad.com)

David Spade Fears Competing With “American Idol”

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