On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Halle Berry admitted she liked to walk around her house naked, but Ellen DeGeneres has difficulty relating to the idea of regularly being in the buff.

DeGeneres asked the star whether it’s true she enjoys parading around au natural, but Berry is hesitant to answer. “You’re not disputing,” DeGeneres pointed out. “That’s taking too long to say no.”

“I do like being naked,” Berry finally admitted, drawing cheers from the audience, who obviously agrees it’s a crime to hide a body like hers.

But DeGeneres seems to prefer going without clothing only when needed. “I’m not naked unless there’s a necessity for it. Like, I’ll shower naked,” she said. “But there’s no need to just be naked for the sense of being naked.”

Halle Berry Tells “Ellen” She Enjoys Being Naked

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