Determined to prove he deserves being named GQ Magazine’s “Funnyman of the Year,” Jimmy Kimmel appears on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ sporting a suit made entirely of bubble wrap.

“I heard there was going to be break dancing and I figured you can’t be too careful,” said Kimmel, as he sat uncomfortably.

“Actually,” he continued, “I got a lot of presents this Christmas and a lot of bubble wrap along with the packages and I thought, ‘Why not make something beautiful out of it?'”

Ellen DeGeneres enjoys popping the bubble wrap so much that she convinces Kimmel to allow himself to be rolled around onstage. Afterward, she presents the late-night host with a gift that, it turns out, goes perfectly with his bubble wrap suit.

Jimmy Kimmel Wears a Suit Made of Bubble Wrap on “Ellen”

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