On “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart decided to have a little fun at Rick Sanchez’s expense. First, he said that Rick was “flawed but fascinating.” The host then revealed that he had made a new video mocking Sanchez. But should he go ahead and show it?

Jon paused here to consider the implications. Did he want to kick a man while he was down? “[Showing the video] now just seems … kinda mean.” Then he went ahead and played the video anyway.

What followed was a fairly dead-on parody, comparing Rick Sanchez to Michael Scott, the bumbling and incompetent boss on ‘The Office.’ The tape showed Sanchez as his usual dopey self, spouting meaningless catchphrases like “TMI” and “What up?!” Very nice.

(Source: Comedy Central and TVSquad.com)

Jon Stewart Jokes About Rick Sanchez Firing

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