On ‘The Late Late Show.’ Katie Couric discussed her first date with Mr. Bob Saget — famous for being the star of ‘Full House,’ the host of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ — as well as for being a surprisingly dirty stand-up comedian. Host Craig Ferguson was intrigued. Did things work out on the date?

… Well, no. They didn’t. Although the news anchor did describe Mr. Saget as being “lovably neurotic.” This is sort of what we call “faint praise,” or “letting someone down easy,” though. Who really wants to be called lovably neurotic during a romantic situation? In retrospect, it’s unfortunate that Craig couldn’t have been the third wheel on the date. He had an excellent suggestion, which he offered to Katie free of charge. “You could have hit him in the nuts with something, and that would have been great.”

Katie Couric Went on a Blind Date With Bob Saget

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