In a candid interview with New York magazine this week, Larry King revealed that he is launching a comedy tour.

“I’m funny,” King told New York’s Steve Fishman. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.”

King also revealed that he quit CNN in anger after former network head Jonathan Klein offered him a mere one-year extension of his contract. (King’s final broadcast will air Dec. 16th, and he will be replaced by Piers Morgan.)

“I just thought I’d get two years, maybe,” he said, adding that “what hurt me was not being used on the last election.”

He also said that he will host four specials a year for CNN, and that he wanted his final guest to be former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. But Cuomo backed out after Eliot Spitzer, a rival of his son Andrew, began his own tenure at CNN.


Larry King: I’m Going To Do Stand-Up After Leaving CNN

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