On “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough said that a lot Republicans believe that GOP Sen. John Boehner is not only lazy, but he likes to hit the bars at 5pm. Politico’s Jim VandeHei seemed to come to the defense of Boehner from this irreputable claim, but Time’s reaffirms Scarborough’s original comment that Boehner isn’t considered a particularly hard worker amongst his conservative peers.

(Source: Mediaite.com and MSNBC)

Morning Joe: Sen. John Boehner Drinks and is Lazy

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1 Comment

  • Leo Dugas

    So John Boehner drinkg a lot and is lazy? Can anyone explain how John Boehner is the leading republican in the fight aganist the liberal agenda of socialism and repression of rights and freedoms in this nation?
    I believe John Boehner needs the backing of those republican congressmen and women that are too lazy to even read the bills that the democrats are shoving down the citizens throats. Too many of our republicans are just sitting on their hands, if they even show up at meetings, and are just letting the socialistic democrats run the show. Too many don’t have the guts to stand up to president Obama’s socialistic agenda, and some are even siding with the far left and liberal ideals. They won’t even vote for the conservative bills and ideas that are offered in congress and their passive attitudes are just making the republican party weaker. If we don’t become more conservative, by the time Obama is out of office, we could be a very socialistic nation.
    As far as John Boehner’s drinking goes, I believe that many of our leaders are drinking way too much, and many of us need a change in values and our acceptance of alcohol being used in excess.

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