Rosie O’Donnell has backed up Oprah’s denial to Barbara Walters that she is gay. After tearfully describing her relationship with Gayle King in last Thursday’s special interview with Walters, Oprah insisted that, if she was actually in a lesbian relationship with King, she would not hide it.

Speaking to ABC News at New York’s Jingle Ball on Friday, Rosie–who will shortly launch a talk show on Oprah’s new OWN channel–said that she believed Oprah completely.

“I think that she’s always told the truth so why people wouldn’t believe her, you know, I don’t know,” Rosie said. “Anything that she says, I believe is the truth…she’s pretty magnificent in every capacity and no, I don’t think she’s gay.”

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Rosie O’ Donnell: Oprah’s Not Gay!

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