Shannen Doherty recalls her troubled past and discusses the event that helped change her life on ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ And, after some prompting from Wendy Williams, Doherty also weighs in on the current queen of bad behavior, Lindsay Lohan.

Doherty said a DUI she received when she was 27-years-old helped her get back on track. “I was one of those people that didn’t think I’d had too much to drink. I was fine. I could drive. It was no problem,” she said, adding that she was “put through the ringer” after her DUI.

“That one experience was my wake-up call, my personal wake-up call to stop embarrassing my parents,” she said.

“Is Lindsay Lohan a badass or a dumbass?” asked Williams.

“Clearly, she’s not a badass,” Doherty replied.


Shannen Doherty Weighs in on Lindsay Lohan

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