When Kevin Hart started cracking jokes on ‘The Tonight Show’ about how Shaquille O’Neal has been showing up in the most unexpected places since his retirement, he didn’t really think through the fact that one of those places was ‘The Tonight Show.’

“I saw him at Home Depot two weeks ago,” Hart said. “He wasn’t even shopping. He was just helping people put stuff in their car. ‘I’m Shaq. I don’t got nothing to do. You want me to grab it. I’ll help you.'”

Even though you could almost see it coming, it was still funny when Shaq came out and hoisted Hart into the air like a child.

The difference in height between the 5’4″ Hart and the 7’1″ Shaq made the scene even more hilarious, as did Justin Timberlake sitting up on the back of the couch so his head would be closer to level with O’Neal’s.

(Source: NBC-TV)

Shaq Hoists Kevin Hart in the Air on ‘The Tonight Show’

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