Prince made a surprise appearance on ‘The View,’ and no one was more surprised than Sherri Shepherd. Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg were messing around with Joy Behar when Whoopi pointed at the stage entrance and said, in mock surprise, “Oh, wait, wait! Is that Prince?”

Prince then strode coolly onto the set and sat down next to Shepherd, though at one point it looked like he was sitting on her lap. Shepherd sat next to Prince, looking doe-eyed and asked him to tell her he loved her. Prince smiled and said, “I love you, Sherri,” in his silkiest bass voice and hugged her.

Shepherd wasn’t done. She fondled his leather gloves and said, “You don’t understand, Prince, I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life.”

Prince realized this was as good a point as any to make his exit, and said, “So on that note,” and excused himself before things could get too hot and heavy.

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Sherri Shepherd Tells Prince: “I’ve Wanted to Make Love to You”

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