Stephen Colbert followed Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar’s lead Tuesday morning, storming off set of “The View” in dramatic fashion.

Unlike the show’s two co-hosts — who walked off the set in protest of Bill O’Reilly’s comments about Muslims and 9/11 — Colbert’s walk-off was a joke.

“I am leaving right now. Forget it!” Colbert said as he walked off set in the middle of a discussion with Whoopi. “I would like to apologize. That was rude of me,” he said upon returning.

Colbert and Whoopi had gotten into a discussion about O’Reilly’s controversial appearance on “The View” last week.

“Like a bear, [O’Reilly] is huge and could tear your head off,” Colbert said. “Bill’s talking about emotion. Bill was not talking about what the facts were, Bill was talking about what felt right. And it feels wrong. That’s what my rally’s about.”

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Stephen Colbert Walks Off “The View”

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