During her visit to the ‘Regis & Kelly,’ Annie Lennox discussed surmounting her stage fright with her two hosts. Lennox asked, “why be nervous?” apparently in the rhetorical sense, though Regis magnanimously reaffirmed her confidence. After announcing that she’d conquered her fear of public blunders, the Scottish singer went on to hilariously prove her own point by messing up almost instantly. During a rendition of her new single “The Holly and the Ivy” her guitarist gingerly taps her shoulder reminding her to start singing, kicking off an embarrassing series of on-stage problems before they finally just start over.

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com and ABC-TV)

Annie Lennox Screws Up Live On Regis & Kelly

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1 Comment

  • Pete

    I don’t believe that is “stage fright” because early in the show Regis was having problems with his microphone. Even though she had missed her cue, Unlike many artists on Live TV She performed with out a guide track and proof that a talented singer does not have to lip sync. We at home may have missed the last few seconds of the song but i’m sure she followed through to the end in front of the studio.
    Annie Lennox has a hypnotic voice, and everyone is entitled to have mistakes. I’m glad that she stopped the band to start over so we could all hear her sing the song the way it was meant to be.

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