Filling in as host of ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ Thursday night, ‘Up With Chris Hayes’ star Chris Hayes threw another log on the Newt Gingrich serial hypocrisy fire, tying the candidate’s failure to get on the Virginia Republican primary ballot to a 2009 Gingrich op-ed that excoriated the “enablers” of ACORN‘s “long history of engaging in voter fraud.”

Hayes points out that Gingrich enabled the same kind of “voter fraud,” or, as it’s called when white people do it, “a mistake.”

On Wednesday, Gingrich said that the reason he didn’t qualify for the Virginia ballot was that 1,500 of the 11,100 signatures his campaign turned in were fraudulent, leaving him short of the 10,000 needed.

As Hayes points out, Gingrich was a vocal critic of the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), whom he (falsely) accused the group of “adding such notables as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to the voter rolls,” and even compared with Hamas.

Now, Gingrich blithely admits to engaging in nearly identical behavior, paying people to obtain signatures, and turning in a large number of fraudulent ones.

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Chris Hayes Calls Out Newt Gingrich on Voter Fraud Hypocrisy

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