Daily Show host Jon Stewart is back in the anchor chair on Tuesday night, after taking three months off to direct Rosewater, his first feature film. Stewart reclaims the hosting mantle from correspondent John Oliver, who kept the show steady thanks to a constant barrage of summer stories from Paula Deen to Anthony Weiner. Or, ahem, Carlos Danger. Be sure to check out Mediaite’s nightly coverage of The Daily Show when Stewart returns tomorrow night.

Oliver’s first week was boosted considerably by the first wave of NSA revelations, and continued along with the show’s tradition of biting media criticism, including segments blasting CNN and Fox News.

The Daily Show posted a compilation video on its website saluting Oliver’s three-month long reign, as well as a video featuring each bald-faced lie Oliver told the audience about Stewart’s whereabouts.

(Source: Comedy Central and Mediaite.com)

Jon Stewart Returning to “The Daily Show” This Week

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