MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski accused former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of coming on the show last week to “vomit out complete, baseless lies.”

Appearing on the show last Thursday, Giuliani claimed that the Obama administration had not talked with oil industry experts about how to stop the leaking well.

But Brzezinski said Monday the former New York mayor did not have his facts straight and initially left the hosts “stunned.”

“I’m glad there’s someone on the set who is actually asking questions when people come and vomit out complete and baseless lies on our set,” Brzezinski said of herself. “I’m sorry but that was so over the top, and we sat there like stunned in silence because it was so untrue because we could not believe it.”

She added, “But it was not true.”

( and MSNBC)

Morning Joe Slams Giuliani’s “Baseless Lies”

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