Rush Limbaugh previewed President Obama‘s State of the Union address Tuesday by speculating that the president might quote an unlikely source in his speech.

“I wonder if Obama will quote from Dorner’s manifesto tonight,” Rush wondered on his radio show, referring to ex-LAPD murder suspect Chris Dorner‘s 11,000 word manifesto, which praised certain media personalities for pushing gun control measures.

“There’s a whole bunch in there about the need for an assault weapons ban,” Limbaugh said of the manifesto. “I tell you, Obama could probably quote the guy without knowing he’s quoting him.” Limbaugh went on to say that Dorner, a fugitive who has killed at least three people including a Los Angeles police officer, is “no different from Dianne Feinstein,” California’s Democratic senator, in his beliefs about guns.

Limbaugh declared that if President Obama says anything about an assault weapons ban in his speech, he will be “echoing” Dorner’s beliefs. “Why not cite him?” Limbaugh asked. “He’s a man of the hour. Why not quote the guy?”


Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Will Quote Cop-Killer’s Manifesto

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